Reset Relief Valves

Marathon Valve designs and manufactures a complete line of high pressure reset relief valves for installation on heavy duty mud pumps to protect the pumps against over pressurized conditions and damaging pressure surges.  Marathon Valve's line of Guardian® reset relief valves has been approved through the ABS Type Approval Program and carries the Product Design Assessment certification, this certification is held by three valve manufactures worldwide.  This marine type approval ensures the Guardian® valves can be installed on mud pumps for drilling operations on all offshore rigs including the following:  jack-up's, semi-submersible's, platform modular rigs, drill ships, mobile offshore units (MODU) or a facility classed or to be classed by ABS.

As the OEM for the Guardian® valve line, Marathon Valve ensures all specifications and tolerances are met. Our valves are highly effective at holding high pressures and deliver exceptional repeatable performance. Material traceability and specialized material testing is maintained throughout the manufacturing process to meet the drilling industry's operating and safety standards.  A primary drilling industry objective is all equipment utilized on offshore vessels and installations meet rigorous industry operating and safety standards, this focus on equipment safety and integrity is how Marathon Valve's Guardian® valve line can deliver the proven performance and reliability our customers expect.

The company's expert engineering, product knowledge, and manufacturing capabilities provide quality reset relief valves that are worthy of your operations.

Marathon Valve has designed per API 6A specifications, the 3" Guardian® CX 1,500 - 6,500 psi and the 3" Guardian® RX 1,500 - 8,500 psi reset relief valves.

3" Guardian® RX 1500-8500 PSI reset relief valve

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