When Quality is Critical

Relief Valves

In order to better serve our customers, Marathon Valve offers replacement parts and assemblies for industry standard reset relief valve designs originally produced by Retsco* and Cameron*.

API Adapters and flow components, Marathon Valve can supply a variety of flow line and piping accessories for most connection types in a full range of sizes, pressure classes, and materials to suit any application. Please contact us for detailed specifications.

Relief Valve Types Supported

Regular M2 Titan
2"B *
3" B * * *
3"C * * *
3"CH * * *
3"RX * * *


Marathon Valve stocks an extensive inventory of parts to support our customers needs. Many of the parts we stock are considered by others to be special order. Our delivery is one way Marathon Valve is setting a new standard.


Our knowledge and expertise allow us to ensure through manufacturing, testing and certification that our parts meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment. Some original design flaws have been redesigned to allow for improved performance while ensuring parts interchangeability.