Marathon Valve

Marathon Valve's GUARDIAN® Series

The manually operated Guardian® reset relief valves are designed for a wide range of high pressure settings with typical installations on mud pumps to protect the pumps against over pressurized conditions and damaging pressure surges.  The Guardian® valve line is designed to keep the operating pressure from exceeding the pre-determined set relief pressure, which will then protect the liners and other internal components of a typical mud pump.  Our specially modified reset relief valves fit the industry standard physical envelope dimensions of existing valves on mud pumps to facilitate swap outs, however this is where the similarity ends.  The Guardian® series is engineered with upgraded materials to ensure extended equipment performance.  In the closed (set) position the interior components that are in contact with the drilling mud are stainless steel or better to improve valve performance, service life, and to protect the valve against the corrosive and abrasive properties of drilling muds.  Marathon Valve's Guardian® reset relief valves are the only valves available on the market with an internal design to handle not only the high operating pressures of today's deeper drilling but also enhancing the service life of the valve against the corrosion factors associated with drilling muds.

Guardian® valves are designed to withstand the high demands drillers require from their equipment.  The ease of operation, in-line maintenance, and premium materials used throughout the valves allow the Guardian® valve line to perform accurately, consistently, and within an extremely tight tolerance.  The multiple relief pressure settings gives operators options, the valves will fully open and discharge to relieve pressure and can be quickly reset to achieve optimum performance in the drilling environment.

Marathon Valve manufactures in accordance with international standards and has industry recognized certifications, for further details on the Guardian® series contact us.  We are committed to being your preferred reset relief valve supplier for your mud pump projects, rig packages, and reset relief valve upgrades.  To ensure our commitment to customer success, we maintain an extensive inventory in order to meet customer demands and avoid costly delays.


Quick Feature Comparison

3" Guardian®
3" Guardian®
CX   MV-88030
3" Guardian®
RX  MV-88040
Adjustable pressure settings while under pressure * * *
Setting accuracy not affected by vibration or pressure surges * * *
Valve fully opens to relieve pressure * * *
Titanium Seal Guard® to protect seal in open position from drilling mud * * *
Standard service * * *
Threaded connections *
3" 1502 Flanged or Butt-weld connections * *
Pressure Setting up to 5000 PSI * * *
Pressure Setting up to 6500 PSI * *
Pressure Setting up to 8500 PSI *
Ability for in-line service and repair * *
Duplex stainless steel upper housing, seal retainer, and stem bushing * *
ABS Type Approval PDA Certification available * *
ABS/CDS Certification available * *
Replacement parts and seals kits in stock * * *
Assembled in the USA * * *

3" Guardian® RX MV-88040

               1,500 - 8,500 PSI


3" Guardian® CX MV-88030
            1,500 - 6,500 PSI

3" Guardian®  MV-88020
             1,500 - 5,000 PSI